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At JCL Red Angus, we have a long history in the cattle business. JCL started his career with National Champion Polled Hereford Bull ($102,000) in 1962.

We made a landmark change to breed Red Angus in 2017.

We are very impressed with calm disposition, and good mothering abilities of our Red Angus. We strive to build a small herd that is structurally sound (especially feet and udder) and performance oriented. We want all this,  and enjoy competing at the highest levels in the show ring.

In 2020, and early 2021, we were honored to be both premier breeder and premier exhibitor at the 2020 American Royal, and the 2021 National Red Angus Show, and most recently, in the October, 2021 American Royal regional Red Angus Show.

We plan to stay small – breeding only about 50 head per year. We strive for continuous quality improvement, using the best sires from all over the country. Most of all, we live to help young people, and established breeders, find their next good one!



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Cheryl Linthicum


P.O. Box 385 | Welch, OK 74369

Cheryl: cllf6@hotmail.com

Cheryl: (830) 431-1859

Trycen King: (918) 244-4613

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